Stromasys Solution Partner Program Guide

At Stromasys, we provide a Stromasys Solution Partner program as a way for companies to grow the size of their IT modernization campaigns by including classic systems that would otherwise be off limits. You can preserve your customers’ critical application investments while moving them off legacy hardware onto new x86 infrastructure (on-prem or cloud).

Stromasys Partnering Opportunities

Regarding partnering opportunities, Stromasys offers several types which can include:

  • Referral Solution Partners
  • Reseller Solution Partners
  • OEM Solution Partners
  • Business Introducer (BI)
  • Associate Level Partners
  • Advanced Level Partners
  • Premier Level Partners

We carefully qualify and select all prospective solution partners through an evaluation process which assesses your organization’s business strategy and services capabilities to make sure it’s aligned with the program goals and customer needs.

Review the following document for more information on the benefits and process of becoming a Stromasys Solution Partner.

Stromasys Solution Partner Program Guide

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Stromasys Solution Partner are partnering opportunities offered by Stromasys for companies to grow the size of their IT modernization campaigns. Find out more about it here.
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