Charon-PAR PA-RISC Emulator


Charon-PAR Virtual PA-RISC

Charon-PAR is a software solution that creates a virtual PA-RISC system environment running a 100% unmodified copy of MPE/iX 7.5.

This is accomplished on industry-standard Intel x64 servers running one of two supported Linux distributions: Red Hat 7.x and CentOS 7.x or under VMware running one of the two supported Linux distributions as a guest operating system.

With the Charon-PAR solution, you can securely transfer your PA-RISC systems to a state-of-the-art environment. Stromasys’ solution enables third-party applications and user-developed software to run without any modification whatsoever.

HP recognizes Charon-PAR software as a valid platform to run MPE, and Charon-PAR passes the original MPE hardware qualification tests.

Charon-PAR Configurations

The Charon-PAR product family is a range of fully compatible virtualized PA-RISC systems running on industry-standard Intel x64 (Core i7 and Xeon) servers. Virtualization technology takes advantage of technological advantages since PA-RISC systems were built, translating PA-RISC instructions on-the-fly into optimized sequences of Intel CPU instructions. Charon-PAR servers run 100% unmodified copies of MPE/iX 7.5 and allow you to restore your applications and third-party software onto modern, reliable, high-performance hardware, providing a “best of both worlds” solution. Charon-PAR family performance ranges through A400 and A500 series equivalence at the low-end, to mid-range multi-processor N4000 series equivalence at the high-end.

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