SPARC Hardware Virtualization saves your hardware investment

Looking for a SPARC hardware virtualization? Charon-SSP is your choice

Headache with increasing costs for aging SPARC servers’ maintenance and management? The power and cooling costs rise over time? SPARC Servers have come to end-of-life and no hardware replacement is available? Migration is too expensive and risky? Charon-SSP is your choice of SPARC hardware virtualization.

Charon-SSP is the virtualization solution that recreates the SPARC virtual hardware layer on industry standard x86 computer system. There is no expensive migration process, no software re-engineering and even no training for system managers or users required.

Charon-SSP virtualization solution brings benefits to your business

  • Business Continuity
  • Reduce Risk
  • Lower Costs
  • Data Center Consolidation

Charon-SSP supports Sun Solaris that ran on systems by SUN Microsystems, which were eventually bought by Oracle. Stromasys, as a member of the Oracle Partner Network, we make it easier for customers to move to Charon SSP on an Oracle Sun x86 Linux server. 

Download the CHARON-SSP datasheet or contact a Stromasys expert to learn more about our Charon virtualization solutions.

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