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Running mission-critical applications on legacy servers is increasingly costly and exposes your enterprise to the risks of downtime, security breaches, and even catastrophic data loss. But full migration of legacy applications can also be risky and expensive, including the cost of retraining users.

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Lift and Shift Migration

Stromasys offers an easier, more cost-effective option: Charon® emulation software for legacy VAX, Alpha, PA-RISC, and SunSPARC systems. Charon solutions make it easy to re-host your legacy software stack to modern servers, either on-premises or in the cloud. You get dramatic performance improvements while eliminating maintenance costs and capitalizing on the latest security and disaster recovery paradigms — all in a matter of days

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Seamless Transfer

The Tru64, VMS, MPE, and Solaris operating systems remain the same. The applications continue to run unchanged. The emulation runs in Windows or Linux. There is no expensive migration process, no software re-engineering or conversion, no training for system managers or users required, and no painful conversion of normal business practices.

Explore our solutions to discover the most cost-effective way to modernize your legacy applications.

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The Benefits of Legacy Systems Migration

Stromasys Charon® emulation software has helped enterprises ranging from small, local companies to huge multi-national corporations eliminate risks and lower costs while dramatically improving the performance of legacy systems. Explore how our cost-effective, simple-to-install products can boost your bottom line.

Lower Costs

Eliminate cost and risks associated with legacy hardware. Extend the life cycle of mission-critical legacy applications. Save on energy. Avoid the expense of application re-writing and user re-training that comes with a full migration.

Simple Implementation

Quickly re-host to modern cloud-based or on-premises servers with no changes to your legacy applications, no retraining, and very minimal disruption to business operations.


Stromasys partners with all major cloud providers, plus major hardware, software and I.T. firms, to ensure rock-solid reliability.

Improve Performance

After migration you'll get proven legacy application performance without compromises. Customers often report dramatic improvements in application speed and capabilities.

Legacy Application Modernization Services

Charon® solutions with lift-and-shift migration are the most cost-effective ways to virtualize your legacy systems. Charon lets you extend the lifespan of your legacy applications and operating systems by moving them off aging, expensive legacy hardware and onto safer, more efficient, and secure modern servers either on-premises or in the cloud. And it all happens seamlessly without compromising performance or requiring end-user disruption or retraining.

Emulation Solutions

Emulation allows for seamless migration of applications running on legacy VAX, Alpha, PA-RISC and SunSPARC systems.

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DEC Hardware Platforms

Hardware virtualization options for platforms including Alpha, VAX, and PDP-11.

Explore DEC Hardware Solutions


A painless way to move your OpenVMS-based systems onto new hardware.

Explore OpenVMS Solutions


Move mission-critical applications to new hardware while keeping the time-tested legacy Tru64 operating system.

Explore Tru64 Solutions

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Stromasys has helped hundreds of organizations simplify the support and operations of legacy applications for more than 20 years.

Find out how you can give Charon® legacy system emulation solutions a try — showing you potential savings in time, money, and headaches in managing your legacy systems.

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