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    Integrate Legacy Systems with Modern Applications

    Many businesses still rely on legacy systems. This may be due to an investment in the system, preferring not to change their current method of operation, or a variety of other reasons. Whatever the reason, at Stromasys, we never pressure you into making a change you don’t want to make. In fact, we specialize in legacy system emulation, all so that you can keep working the way you’re used to, but with some added benefits.

    Often, when people use legacy systems, they want to be able to interact with modern applications. At Stromasys, we make it possible to integrate with cloud-based applications. In fact, we can move your system completely to the cloud if you prefer. Cloud options we offer include:

    • The Microsoft Azure Cloud
    • The AWS Cloud
    • The Google Cloud
    • The Oracle Cloud

    Of course, if you prefer on-prem virtualization instead, we offer that as well.

    Reduce Operating Costs

    Whether your goal is to eventually integrate legacy systems with modern applications or just to keep working in a way that’s familiar to you, we can help. What’s more is that we can help you to save money.

    Running an outdated system typically means using a lot of power, being forced to house aging hardware, and paying ever-increasing maintenance costs. Plus, effective maintenance gets harder if not impossible to find the older your system gets.

    Fortunately, when you choose one of our solutions, you can reduce overhead costs and invest more money in growing your business.

    Protect Your Investment

    If you’re like many legacy system users, you’ve put a lot of money and time into your current system. You paid for it, learned how to use it, and trained your employees on it. Throwing it all away and switching to an entirely new system can feel like a big waste.

    We understand that feeling, which is why we make it possible for businesses to continue using their legacy systems, just in a new and improved way. You’ll not only protect your investment, but you’ll get more and better use out of it as well.

    Contact Us Today

    Want to learn more about integrating legacy systems with modern applications? Or, maybe you’re curious about our different solutions and want to discover which one could work for you. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to talk with you. Just contact us today to learn more. It can change the way you work for the better.