Case Study

Charon sweetens sugar manufacturing operation

The Challenge

Victorias Milling Company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services for all its stakeholders, from planters to millers, sugar traders and consumers. Consequently, its operations are highly developed, highly mechanized, and highly computerized. An efficient, stable, and reliable IT system is critical for the mill to keep running smoothly around the clock. For almost a decade, VMC’s system was based on the popular HP AlphaServer DS20 and DS20E running on Tru64 Unix. The servers controlled all the company’s sugar-production applications, which were developed on Progress software.

After running smoothly for many years, the AlphaServers were beginning to show signs of instability, with more frequent breakdowns during maintenance. Fortunately, these occurred mainly during the off-season. To overcome these problems, VMC started to investigate several options, including the purchase of a factory-refurbished AlphaServer, a hardware maintenance agreement with a local company, and the migration of the legacy system to SAP. The challenge was to find a cost-effective solution that would ensure a smooth migration without disrupting operations.

Charon sweetens sugar manufacturing operation

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Their AlphaServers proving unstable and breaking down during maintenance, Victorias Milling Company consulted Stromasys for Charon-AXP for to find a cost-effective solution.
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