Case Study

GMS and Stromasys collaborate to achieve data-performance goals for Navigant client

The Challenge

Navigant Consulting is a leading global consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with more than 2,500 employees worldwide. Navigant provides customized services and support to address critical business issues and enhance stakeholder value. PACE, a unit of Navigant Consulting, is the market leader in mass tort claims administration. PACE’s IT team was asked to provide an upgraded system alignment and help solve a legacy hardware dilemma for a current client. To maximize efficiency, they recommended changing to a streamlined data center. But this would mean replacing the client’s existing AlphaServer 4100.

The Alpha was running an application to track insurance claims as well as an Oracle database. Replacement parts for the existing server had become hard to find, and repairing it was difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, it was essential to avoid any disruptions to the client’s service or daily business during the transition. The PACE IT team began to research different options and soon focused on virtualization technologies. They wanted a solution that would also increase storage capacity, and they thought that a virtual system might offer this benefit.