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Eliminate the Risks of Legacy Hardware

Stromasys hardware virtualization is the easiest, most cost-effective way to move mission-critical systems off vulnerable, aging legacy hardware without changing your applications. Minimize risk while maximizing performance with Stromasys.

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Save Money With Lift-and-Shift Migration

Using Stromasys emulation software:

  • Extends the lifecycle of mission-critical legacy systems.

  • Costs less than one year of legacy hardware support and 90% less than rewriting applications.

  • Eliminates the expense of maintaining and repairing legacy hardware.

  • Avoids the costs and complexity of rewriting, retesting, recertifying, and migrating your systems to new software every few years.

  • Lets you pay only for the cloud computing cycles you need.

  • Reduces energy costs and helps achieve sustainability goals.

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Avoid Implementation Stress

Quickly rehosting to the modern hardware without making changes to your application:

  • Creates a transition so seamless that your end users won’t notice the change.

  • Leaves legacy systems unchanged, so there’s no need for end-user retraining.

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Reduce Reliability Concerns

Lift-and-shift migration:

  • Dramatically reduces risk of server failure.

  • Taps into leading-edge cloud architecture to ensure high availability and access to the latest security tools.

  • Accesses multiple fail-safes to enhance disaster recovery.

  • Ensures performance with available 24/7 global support.

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Boost Productivity by Migrating to Modern Servers

Stromasys experts significantly improve legacy systems performance through:

  • Deep knowledge of both legacy hardware and modern cloud-based systems.

  • Experience gained from more than 7,000 installations across 70 countries.

  • Connections to ultra-fast backups, data resiliency, and increased storage and memory capabilities through modern on-premises servers or the cloud.

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Charon® Hardware Virtualization Solutions

Unique Stromasys Charon® Emulation software ends the dependency on legacy hardware and the risks of high maintenance costs, downtime, and even catastrophic data loss —no matter what legacy hardware systems your mission-critical applications run on.

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Charon-SSP Legacy SPARC Emulator

Charon-SSP creates a virtual replica of various SPARC family servers running on Linux on top of physical hardware or a Hypervisor, on premises or in the cloud.

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Charon-PAR Virtual PA-RISC

Charon-PAR emulates a range of historic PA-RISC systems running MPE/iX or HP-UX on modern hardware.

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Charon-VAX: Virtual VAX Emulator

Charon-VAX replaces multiple versions of the VAX family of servers with a virtual equivalent running on modern x86 based hardware.

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Charon-AXP Alpha Emulation

Charon-AXP emulates a wide variety of DEC AlphaServer systems allowing the original operating systems OpenVMS and True64 Unix and all host applications to run on modern Linux or Windows on modern hardware.

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Charon-PDP Virtual PDP-11

Charon-PDP creates a virtual replica of the original PDP-11 hardware, allowing the RT-11, RSX-11, RSTS, and other operating systems and all software to run on modern hardware.

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Virtualize to Modernize


Stromasys has helped hundreds of organizations simplify the support and operations of legacy applications for more than 20 years. If your mission-critical systems run on outdated legacy hardware, your organization is at risk of downtime and increased cost.

Find out how to get started with a cost effective alternative with our whitepaper Migrating Legacy Systems.

Hardware and Cloud Migration Partners

Our certifications and long-standing alliances with major cloud providers and hardware manufacturers ensure that your server virtualization will go smoothly and deliver peak performance..

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Customers Talk About Working with Stromasys

Confidence in Charon-VAX at the Minden site continues to grow, and even long-serving employees are convinced by the reliability of the Swiss-made virtualization software. ABB immediately benefited from the flexibility.

Krückemeier Horst
CTO at ABB Minden

We needed a way forward, and Charon provided that, and more. Using the Charon software allowed us to reduce energy consumption, increase our available floor space, and save on maintenance costs.

Graham Wayne
Resource Manager at Canadian Department of National Defence

When one of our administrative staff printed a report that used to take 30 to 45 minutes to generate and it came out instantaneously, she wondered if there was a problem with the system. I had to tell her there wasn't: the system was just that much faster.

Sammy Richmond
Systems & Networking Manager at The City of Hammond in Louisiana

Our employees were enthusiastic about jobs that used to run eight hours now being done in ten minutes.

Olivier Sauter
IT Manager at Kraus & Naimer

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