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Shift your essential legacy apps to the cloud

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Reap the benefits of your Solaris, SunOS, MPE, HP-UX, OpenVMS, or Tru64 workloads in the cloud

Legacy hardware is often the culprit that stalls IT modernization or data center exits. The older hardware platforms which continue to host mission-critical legacy applications are prone to unplanned downtime, are increasingly more expensive to maintain, and represent a growing cyber security risk.

Stromasys can migrate your mission-critical applications away from aging hardware to the cloud (or a modern platform) in as little as three days per workload, with no source code recompilation required and no application recertification. The key ingredient is the Charon™ family of cross-platform virtualization solutions from Stromasys.

Overall benefits from a Stromasys solution

Diminish risk

Eliminate unplanned downtime by running your applications on state-of-the-art industry standard servers in the cloud.

Leverage Cloud Performance Security, and New Capabilities

Make your software or applications work harder! Add options and services previously unavailable to legacy applications.

Reduce Cost

The cost of a Stromasys solution is typically less than one year’s support for the original hardware and substantially less than a full migration.

Save Power

Reduce workload energy consumption, lower your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Protect Investment / Increase ROI

Your critical, time-tested applications will run well beyond the lifespan of the original hardware; keep current processes and certification.

We are cloud agnostic! Download our Datasheet to know more