Still Running A SPARC System? There is a Better Way!

Despite the fact that it is old and outdated, many organizations still choose to run and use a SPARC system for their operations. Often they have critical applications running on this outdated hardware, which if it goes down can put their business at a standstill.

Whatever the reason, if your organization is still running this system, know that you can and should make a switch. However, here at Stromasys, we understand that migration can be difficult, which is why we seek to make it as effortless as possible through our legacy SPARC emulator.

With this emulation program in place, you can reduce management costs and enjoy increased reliability, all while still enjoying a system that works in the way you’re accustomed to.

Reduce Vulnerability

When you choose to modernize your legacy system with our help, one of the greatest benefits is reduced risk and vulnerability.

Defending an aging SPARC system hardware against modern risks is incredibly challenging, particularly since contemporary “fixes,” such as firmware updates may not be available on older systems. And, unfortunately, improper defenses can easily lead to security breaches, data leaks, and other problems.

However, when you allow us to virtualize your system, you get to continue using your system in the same way you’re used to while simultaneously upgrading security and keeping your technology and your organization protected.

Improve Performance

Still not sure if you should upgrade your legacy systems? Consider the fact that overall performance often suffers with traditional SPARC systems in place, reducing your efficiency and leading to lost profits and poor client or customer satisfaction.

When migrating your legacy system to a modern X86 or cloud you have the ability to work faster and more effectively without the learning curves, or highly involved migration processes. Thus, it just makes sense to make the switch to Stromasys.

Enjoy a Simple, Compatible Solution

Our solution to outdated SPARC systems is a simple but highly effective one. It’s called Charon-SSP 4M/4U/4V, depending on which version you choose. With it in place, you get to enjoy a virtual replica of the traditional SPARC system. It even uses the same exact binary code to ensure compatibility with other technologies you rely on.

The result is that you eliminate the problems associated with operating a legacy system while still enjoying all of the benefits that keep you using it.

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