Leave your Legacy Hardware

Mission-critical software can’t be allowed to let you down. But if those applications run on aging hardware, you’re at risk. For more than 20 years, Stromasys has provided the world’s leading organizations with a better way to break free from the growing risks associated with legacy hardware maintenance. Our Charon® emulation software and alliances with leading cloud providers seamlessly virtualize your legacy systems in the cloud and eliminate the cost and time needed to manage hardware and rewrite software. No reengineering is required, because our unique software makes it possible to run your application unchanged on its native operating system.

We remove the constraints associated with legacy application modernization. maintaining your classic applications is often costly and complicated — but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to Charon®, our unique emulation software, Stromasys makes it easy to virtualize and preserve your mission-critical systems in the cloud without application changes. No more expensive hardware migrations, no software reengineering, and no changes to current business practices.

Cost Effective

Eliminate hardware costs while preserving your mission-critical application to get the most out of your investment.  Stromasys saves you money by removing the ever-rising expense of maintaining aging hardware and avoiding costly rewriting and migration. Our Charon® family of emulation solutions is the translation layer that replaces the hardware, so you can re-host and maintain your original applications, databases, and operating systems in the cloud.

Simple Installation

Our global team of cloud-certified engineers is able to help you seamlessly lift and shift your classic applications to all major cloud providers because our software makes it possible to run your applications unchanged.


We partner with all major cloud providers to provide superior availability and security. Our team is trained and certified on multiple cloud platforms and has decades of experience being trusted with the migration of customer’s mission-critical applications of the world’s leading companies.

Proven Performance

Stromasys engineers have deep knowledge of the hardware that our Charon® software emulates, allowing them to re-host your application with industry-leading performance. Our family of Charon emulators have years of proven performance running in the cloud and on modern on-premises hardware.

Leave your Legacy

For organizations struggling with compatibility challenges between mission-critical applications and modern cloud computing, Stromasys provides the most efficient solution to preserve your vintage application. With our Charon® solution, we seamlessly virtualize the respective legacy host system in the cloud with proven performance to quickly eliminate the time and costs associated with managing hardware or rewriting software.

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