Charon on the Cloud

Charon on the Cloud

Charon, the first solution to emulate legacy SPARC, Alpha, VAX, and PA-RISC critical systems, is available for Cloud subscription on all major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace Cloud-VMware based).

With Charon on the Cloud, your original applications, databases, and operating systems remain unchanged. There is no modification or re-certification required. The original hardware is eliminated, and the applications run as usual on the Cloud with our Charon solution as the translation layer that makes it possible. Download our “Charon in the Cloud” solutions flyer or read our latest press release, “Announcing a new product version with Charon-SSP 5.0, Stromasys expands its offering to migrate legacy applications from aging SPARC hardware to the cloud”.

Why Charon on the Cloud?

  • A safety net for eventual legacy application modernization
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Ultra-fast back ups
  • Elimination of related-capital expenditures.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery advantages
  • Higher availability
  • Choice of cloud providers

Includes all the usual benefits of Charon solutions, including:

  • Reduced risk
  • Lower costs
  • Potential improved performance


Charon in the AWS cloud:

  • The Register presents: IT modernization in uncertain times with Stromasys & AWS
    • Mission-critical legacy applications create a technology drag in your organizations: A roadblock in your digital transformation, a drain in IT budgets, a demand in scarce skills, and they chain you to aging infrastructure. To address legacy apps, John Prot of Stromasys & Martin Bishop of AWS join The Register’s Tim Phillips to discuss a “lift and shift” solution to the cloud. Watch this webcast to see how you can remotely IT modernize, creating better business continuity plans.
  • From the AWS Partner blog: Re-hosting SPARC, Alpha, or Other Legacy Systems to AWS with Stromasys
  •  Watch our video, Operations & Features of Charon-SSP in the AWS cloud


Charon in the Microsoft Azure cloud:


Charon in the Google cloud:


Charon in the Oracle cloud:


Charon at a glance diagram