Cerner announces end of support for HNA Classic Archive

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    Early last year, Cerner announced end-of-support for Cerner HNA Classic Archive effective August 30, 2023. As a professional courtesy, Cerner notified Stromasys of their end-of-support decision.

    For over 16 years, Stromasys has provided second-line support to Cerner for customers running our Charon-VAX or Charon-AXP software, along with Cerner HNA Classic Archive. Charon™ allows Cerner software to continue running without modification on modern x86 hardware, on-premises, or in the cloud. We work with all the major cloud providers, including Oracle Cloud.

    Existing Cerner customers running the HNA Classic archive on Charon can now get their support directly from Stromasys. We are uniquely qualified to provide continued and seamless support of Cerner HNA Classic Archive emulated host server(s) and the Operating System environment.

    Please contact us today to discuss the transfer of your support and any additional requirements you may have.