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HP 3000 Emulator: Say Goodbye to Hardware Failures and Unlock Optimum Efficiency

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    HP 3000 computers first appeared in the 1970s, and later, in the 1980s, they evolved from the 16-bit Classic versions to the 32-bit PA-RISC versions. HP continued to produce it for many years. However, by the end of 2010, they stopped supporting them.

    Today, some businesses, especially in manufacturing and e-commerce, still use the HP 3000 to run their mission-critical applications. Surprisingly, they never ask themselves the most important question: “Do I really need that failing hardware to run my legacy software (MPE/iX)?”

    Honestly, there is no need. You can seamlessly run your legacy workloads in a modern environment without relying on old hardware – all that without creating anything new.

    Remember, legacy applications are not the problem – it’s the HP 3000 hardware causing all the trouble.

    In this article, you will discover why you should make your business free from the risk of legacy hardware failure and how to achieve that. Also, you will learn about the most trusted HP 3000 emulator, which can save thousands of dollars compared to full migration. So, let us get started.

    The Business Risks of NOT Modernizing HP 3000 Systems

    Today, HP 3000 is end-of-life hardware, and sticking to it is like forcing your IT team to look backward when they should be doing the exact opposite.

    Generally, we have seen TWO types of businesses here:

    • First, businesses that procrastinate and do not prioritize legacy modernization. It’s like saying, “I won’t spend money until the system crashes.” But in reality, waiting comes with a cost. See the bigger picture until it becomes too late!
    • Another group of people understands the importance of the situation and is actively looking for an HP 3000 emulator. If you are that person, you are on the right track—just keep reading.

    All right! Now, let’s discuss the risks that come with retaining HP 3000 hardware:

    Operational Risk

    Using classic HP 3000 hardware can lead to frequent operational hiccups. Unplanned downtime is the major problem, and every minute your system is down, your business suffers. Also, finding replacement parts for obsolete hardware can be frustrating, increasing the risk of system failure.

    Overly Expensive

    Did you know that approximately $337 million goes to maintaining and operating ten government legacy systems in the United States? In fact, sticking to classic hardware can add 15% to your annual budget every year.

    Opportunity Cost

    One big cost that people often forget about is the opportunity cost of using legacy hardware. Instead of creating something new that could help your business grow, your IT team will always be occupied with fixing and maintaining the classic hardware. This is obviously impeding the growth of your business.

    Additional Risks

    Finding experts who understand these systems is becoming increasingly difficult every year. Support is limited, and security vulnerabilities are a constant threat.

    Understanding the Role of the HP 3000 Emulator

    The reality is that when legacy hardware fails, the company wishes it had planned earlier. We hope you do not want to be in that situation. So, plan ahead, educate yourself on HP 3000 emulators, and make a well-informed choice.

    Put simply, the HP 3000 emulator is software that creates a virtual HP 3000 environment on modern hardware so that your MPE/iX operating system can run exactly the same way as if it was still on the original hardware. Consequently, you can run your important business applications without needing the older hardware. That too, is at a fraction of the cost of a complete migration.

    Further, there is minimal business interruption as the process does not involve recompilation. So, this way, you can extend the life cycle of your legacy applications and continue to run them (without any change) on a modern platform.

    Charon-PAR: A Future-proof, Cost-effective HP 3000 Emulator

    Charon-PAR by Stromasys is an industry-recognized HP 3000 emulator that allows you to run old PA-RISC hardware systems on modern computers under Linux or industry-standard servers. This allows businesses to move from old HP 3000 systems to new servers without losing their old software.

    How Does It Work? When you install Charon-PAR on a modern server, it creates a hardware virtualization layer. Hence, it acts like an exact replica of your old PA-RICS hardware. So, you can easily install your old operating system (MPE/iX), and it will work the same way it did on the original hardware. There is no need to modify your software, as the Charon-PAR emulated system supports the same binary code and I/O drivers as your original hardware. This helps make the transition smooth and keeps your old software investments useful.

    The suitable Version for HP 3000 Emulation is Charon-PAR/PA3. It emulates legacy PA-RISC systems designed for running MPE/iX, the operating system used by HP 3000 systems.

    Benefits? The legacy HP 3000 emulator will give you the confidence to move forward. You no longer depend on old hardware, greatly reducing the chances of unexpected downtime or crashes. The new system brings huge benefits, too. It has got more memory, extra disks, and a way faster CPU. The boost in capacity and speed makes it a total win for your business.

    Success Story

    Hannover Life Re of Australia faced challenges with aging systems that were hard to maintain and frequently failed. Migrating to a new SQL-based system was taking too long because the existing systems were too interdependent.

    With that, they started searching for an alternative solution to replace their existing hardware and still run their existing applications. Consequently, they came across the Charon-PAR emulator. After successful testing, they switched to CHARON-PAR and witnessed significant improvement in performance and reliability. The system becomes faster and more efficient, enabling new projects and reducing downtime risks.

    Discover more about this transformation by reading the full case study of our HP 3000 emulator.

    Over to You…

    By now, you know how Charon-PAR transforms backward-looking businesses into cutting-edge ones. But perhaps you have more questions. That’s okay! Stromasys is here to help you out.

    We encourage you to book a demo session with our expert. By doing so, you will get the assistance of a team that has already completed over 7,000 legacy modernizations. Our engineers will first understand your challenges and then, create a step-by-step plan for you.

    So, what are you waiting for? Book your HP 3000 Emulation Demo today!