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    Legacy Hardware Virtualization Comparison

    If your business relies on aging legacy systems, the clock is ticking. High maintenance costs, old hardware, and high electricity bills make doing nothing untenable. But starting from scratch isn’t much more attractive, what with the associated costs of programming, hardware, and retraining and re-certifying users. There’s a third way. Discover how Stromasys Charon ® lift-and-shift migration checks all the boxes as the most cost-effective way to end the risk of legacy hardware while extending the life and improving the performance of legacy software.


    BUSINESS RISK X Aging hardware, increased down time X Business continuity is at risk ✔ Minimum disruption
    COST OF CHANGE X No additional, but high running expenses X Could be very high ✔ Value for money
    IMPLEMENTATION TIME ✔ None X Lengthy process, from planning, execution, testing and roll out ✔ Minimal
    MAINTENANCE COSTS X Aging hardware, expensive support ✔ New hardware ✔ New hardware
    PERFORMANCE X Aging hardware, outdated memory size, capacity, processing speed, etc. ✔ New hardware ✔ New hardware
    USER TRAINING ✔ None X New application training required, increased business risk ✔ None necessary, application intact
    ENERGY COST X Aging hardware, inefficient energy usage ✔ New hardware ✔ New hardware

    Lift and Shift Migration Assessment

    Stromasys has helped hundreds of organizations simplify the support and operations of legacy applications for more than 20 years.

    Find out how you can give Charon® legacy system emulation solutions a try — showing you potential savings in time, money, and headaches in managing your legacy systems. Start Your Test Drive

    Customers Talk About Working with Stromasys

    Hear what our customers have to say about working with Stromays, and the difference legacy system migration made in their business.